Commercial Conditions Car Rental

Rental Day

24 hours since the date and hour the car is picked up by a customer.


Driver's minimum age is 21 and the license age has to be at least 2 years, depending on the car group, this ages may vary. On our online quotation system, customer can find minimum requirements.

For hiring the special coverage SCDW, minimum rental age and license age are higher than the previous ones.

Payment Method

  • Credit Card (No Debit Card) under the name of the renter is mandatory as guaranty. For renting luxury or special cars is mandatory to provide 2 credit cards.
  • Reservations through www.daperton.com, can be made under the following methods:
  • Online Payment
  • Direct Payment at the Office
  • For making the contract, credit card is mandatory for the deposit. The rental can be paid with the same credit card, a debit card or by cash.
  • The deposit may vary between 400€ y 2500€ depending on the vehicle group rented. On the web search on this site and on the reservation process, customers may know the deposit amount required for each vehicle group. For some vehicle groups, this deposit can be reduced to 50% if customer choose to hire SCDW coverage.
  • The credit card used on the rental agreement’s deposit has to be under the renter’s  name, who is the maximum responsible of the car.

Accepted Credit Cards:

  • Visa Credit (NOT DEBIT)
  • MasterCard Credit (NOT DEBIT)
  • American Express (not valid for web on-line payment)

Documents Required for Hiring

  • Customers have to bring valid ID card/passport and drivers license. In case of non-european citizens, their visa cannot be longer than 6 months.
  • Drivers license, in case of non-european citizens, must be presented together with the International Drivers License and a valid place of residence's written proof.
  • Even if the customer collects all the previous requirements, It is not possible renting using crossed documents, it means that a person cannot use an ID card or passport from a country different than drivers license, even in case the person is an european citizen or has double nationality.

Cancelations and Changes in Reservations

All cancelations, changes on reservations or payment refund (if it is the case) made through www.daperton.com, have to be made in writing by the Email, contacto@daperton-group.com, Fax, (34) 913 982 982 or in one of our offices, always being the person under the name in the reservation.

  • At the date and time in the reservation, if the car is not picked up or this reservation is cancelled, no refund is possible and the whole price in the reservation will be charged as compensation.
  • In cancelations up to 3 days before de check-out time, customer will receive a refundo for the whole price minus the price for 1 rental day as compensation.
  • Cancelations within 3 days until the check-out time will be applied a compensation chrage of 3 rental days. If the reservation is for less than 3 days, the compensation will be the whole price of the rental.
  • Changes and cancelations in reservations made by a different way than www.daperton.com (Reservations centers, travel agencies, brokers, external websites...), customers must contact to the intermediaries and cancel by the same way they made it.

Early Rental Cancelations

For contracts made through an online payment reservation or intermediaries, if the car is returned before the checkin time, it is considered an ending of the contract by the customer and, becuse of this, there will not be any refund for the remaining rental days, as compensation. This cancelation will make any discount or promotion voided. It may cause a higher rental price.

For direct reservations with Daperton or without online payment, if the car is returned before the checkin date, the price of the rental will be recalculated based on the pertinent rate for the rental period. All discounts and promotions will be voided but this will not suppose in any case a higher rental price.

Contract extensions

For rental extensions, you must contact www.daperton.com or going to an office before the original end of the rental. In other case, insurances will lose effect and an extra charge between 50 € and 400 € can be applied as a penalty, as well as the price for the exceeded days.

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