Conditions & Extra Charges Daperton Car Rental

Our rental rates include:

  • VAT.
  • Limited kilometres per day and maximum per contract.
  • Personal Insurance.
  • Insurance on Spanish Peninsule, Full Insurance with an excess depending on the group rented. During the web reservation process, is mentioned the excess amount for each group.
  • Road Assistance for mechanical failure.
  • One courtesy hour for returning the vehicle, not being applicable later than the check-in office closing time.
  • Extensions on the rental agreement (under vehicle availability).
  • Vehicle’s cleaning and preparation.

Our rental rates not include (see extra charges):

  • One Way (Pick up the vehicle in one office and returning it in another).
  • Additonal Driver.
  • Fuel (see fuel policy).
  • Child booster or seat.
  • Young driver surcharge from 21 to 25 years old.
  • After hours check-in and check-out.
  • Roof rack.
  • Extra insurance to reduce or cancel the excess (SCDW).
  • Refueling service.
  • International Insurance for crossing borders.
  • Airport delivery service (see extra charges).
  • Ship the vehicle (it is not allowed).
  • Traffic or townhall’s fines and penalties.
  • Local taxes and fees.
  • Personal belongings or transported objects assurance.
  • Keys or remote control loss or damage.
  • Damages on tires, rims, upholstery, glasses, locks, underside and roof.
  • Refueling wrong fuel.
  • Inner or outer extra cleaning (Only for extraordinary dirt cases).

Additional charges (VAT included):

  • Extra kilometres. Price per kilometre, depending on the vehicle group. On the web reservation process is mentioned the price per extra kilometre for each vehicle group.
  • SCDW Insurance (Reduces or cancels the excess). The price of the extra SCDW Insurance depends on the vehicle group. On the web reservation process is mentioned the price for the SCDW on each vehicle group. Is also mentioned on the web reservation process if the SCDW reduces or cancels the excess on each vehicle group.
  • Additonal driver. Price per day depending on the vehicle group. On the web reservation process is mentioned the daily rate for each additional driver on every vehicle group.
  • Road assistance for not mechanical failure, except on the cases that extra SCDW is hired. All the cases are covered except the ones caused by negligence or malpractice, for example fuel shortage or wrong fuel, vehicle rescue on places and roads not fitted for driving or not paved, wrong accessories installation, dead battery, etc.
  • Baby/child seat, 10€ per day, maximum 110€ per rental. Loss or damage 250€.
  • Child booster, 2,50€ per day, maximum 18€ per rental. Loss or damage 25€.
  • Snow chains, 14€ per day, maximum 70€ per rental. Loss or damage 110€.
  • Roof trunk, 12€ per day, maximum 180€ per rental. Loss or damage 600€.
  • Vehicle extra cleaning, from 60€ to 200€ (depending on the vehicle group)
  • Upholstery extra cleaning, from 75€ to 200€ (depending on the group and the number of affected seats)
  • Extra Inner or outer cleaning, from 150€ to 350€ for private cars and from 190€ to 500€ on all terrain and minivans.
  • International insurance, 10€ per day. Only valid for the European Union. (Crossing borders without authorisation and previous hiring of the international insurance implies that the vehicle only has a basic insurance NOT BEING COVERED damages on Daperton’s vehicle and road assistance)
  • Refueling service, 20€.
  • Fines paperwork, 29€ per penalty.
  • One Way, Picking up the car in one office and returning in another in the same province 60€ and from 250€ to 1200€ if the returning is on a different province.
  • Afterhours service, from 60€ to 150€. Service available under request and previous confirmation.
  • Nighthours service (20:00-08:00), from 80€ to 250€. Service available under request and previous confirmation.

Fuel Policy

  • www.daperton.com DOES NOT make any bussiness with the fuel.
  • You return the car on the same fuel level that you took it.
  • In case of fuel missing, will be charged the remaining litres up to the check-out level and 20 € as refueling service.
  • In any case will be refunded any money if the fuel level is higher than the one on check-out, because was refilled by the customer on his own.
  • Adding wrong fuel is exclusive responsibility of the customer, even if the refueling is made by a third person. All the repairs about the vehicle’s restitution, caused by a wrong refueling, will be made by an official service and the costs for the repair and standstill will be paid by the customer.


  • The Excess is the maximum amount which customer is responsible for damages caused on traffic accidents. This amount’s character is compensatory (so is not subject to VAT), under the concepts of damages’ repair and loss of profit produced for the vehicle’s standstill during this repair. This excess applies in all the cases independently of direct or indirect customer’s responsibility on the accident.
  • Every insurance/contract loses the value in case of negligence, wrong use, dangerous driving or alcohol and/or drugs influenced driving.
  • None of the insurances covers damages caused on rims, mirrors, tires, glasses, upholstery, clutch, locks, underside, roof, keys or remote control loss or damage or refueling wrong fuel.

Other important information

  • During high demand dates and/or if the requested vehicle group demanded is a guaranteed model, is mandatory to confirm the reservation the complete deposit payment.
  • Is mandatory to bring the voucher at the pick-up time.
  • All the reservations made through www.daperton.com no matter the payment method chosen (On-Line Payment or Office Payment) are under request. Reservation department will contact customer in a short period of time for, in the case, confirm the reservation. In case of non-accepting an on-line payment reservation, the whole amount will be returned to the same card.
  • The maximum contract length is 30 days.
  • In case of existing municipal, touristic, ecological… taxes, customer has to pay them to Daperton. These are not included in the rate.

# This conditions are applicable on Daperton vehicle’s rentals

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