Daperton Car Rental

Daperton Rent A Car is a Daperton Group's company (existing since 1995), which has become an indisputable company among rental car sector.

Daperton's customers may choose hiring Premium Class vehicles or choosing normal range vehicles with general settings, similar to other competitors' fleet.

Specialisation on exclussive vehicles, provides Daperton's offer a clearly distinguish element among the sector, making a varied fleet -microcompacts, sports cars,convertible cars, executive cars, etc.- as well as competitive offers and permanent promotions.

Is remarkable the permanent offer renovations on our website, as well as our automatic quotation system, which provides customers the exact rental price. This system also generates additional discounts making online reservations and payments.

Diverging market's trends, in Daperton, we are convinced that in excellence, success can be found. This is one of the reasons for our products and projects are always based on specialisation and transparency.

Using this Daperton's introduction I want to thank all our cutomers for letting us be their trustworthy and I want to invite those future customers to give us the opportunity of attending you and offer all our services.

Best regards.

David Pérez-Tomé Román.
Managing Director


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