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Daperton¬†Rent A Car has been an undisputed pioneer on renting Smart cars since their launching in 1998, when¬†Mercedes-Benz¬†and the watch company¬†Swatch¬†decided to get together for the introduction into the market of the concept¬†‚ÄúMicro Compact Car‚ÄĚ, a new and revolutionary super-urban car called¬†Smart ForTwo on the first version.

A great success for Daperton Rent A Car betting always on renting Smart ForTwo cars, being the spanish Smart factory one of the most active supporters of this project called Daperton Rent a Smart

In the beggining of the year 2.000, Daperton Rent a Smart became a reference among the car rental sector, being the only specialised on Smart car rentals, in both models Fortwo Coupé and Cabrio, and subsequently in new models released by the brand as Crossblade, Roadster or ForFour.

Gama Histórica Smart

 From then on Daperton Rent A Car keeps the indisputable leadership on Smart car rentals, which allowed reaching historical records, even on an international context, as the following ones:

  • More than 250.000 renting days of¬†Smart cars
  • More than 42.000 customers have rented, at least, one day with¬†Daperton¬†Rent A Car¬†a¬†Smart car
  • Gettin a historic leadership on¬†Smart¬†car registrations in Spain, counting more than 6.000 units
  • Worldwide leadership on registering models as¬†Crossblade and Roadster

Daperton Rent A Car was also the bussiness model's promoter known as Marketing Street Car, based on the Smart's remarkable design, putting vynils and using them as advertising aid. 

Vyniled Smart were rented under a low rate, offering the customer a very good price in exchange for driving a vyniled Smart car. This kind of service was called Win Win Concept, or they were used by the advertisers for making their own campaigns through their employees, clients or partners. This kind of bussiness is known as Self Concept.

Gama Histórica Smart

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