Rent a Family Cars or Minivans with Daperton Car Rental

Everyday is more frequent that families or friends' groups make their trips on more comfortable ways than bringing their own cars. In Daperton Rent A Car, you can find the most complete fleet among the familiar cars, minivans or luxury vans' rental car sector.

Gama Familiares

Daperton Rent A Car, being conscious about this social habit, made a special division for renting familiar cars and minivans, with a huge models' fleet that covers every necessity since the typical familiar car or urban minivan, 5 seater both of them, to the 5+2 seater minivan or high capacity vans for luggage and people counting 6, 7, 8 or even 9 seats.

Gama Familiares

As usual among Daperton Rent A Car`s fleet, all their rental minivans and familiar cars are fully equiped and even the majority of the fleet has built-in GPS and automatic transmission.

Inside Daperton Rent A Car's division, specialised in Familiar and Minivan rental cars, there is an specific area that attends Travel Managers, embassies, film production companies, congresses and events companies, travel agencies, hotels, executive carrying, customers, partners... For all this segments, we have the hughest and best equipped fleet on the minivan market, all of them in restrained colors and dark glasses, keeping the passengers' privacy. Daperton Rent A Car offers this exclusive service through the most prestigious models in their sector, the new Mercedes Benz's Vito Tourer and V Class.   Gama Familiares

Daperton Rent A Car's fleet has got available the Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer's new model with high power engines and the best technical features, leather seats, automatic transmission, built-in GPS and always available with 9 comfortable seats and two bodywork versions, Large and Extra-Large, letting this last one the users enjoy the highest trunk capacity available among the market.

Gama Familiares   About Daperton Rent A Car's fleet, the new Mercedes Benz V Class, model categorised as the most exclusive in his sector, offers last generation automatic transmission, doble side door for the passengers, 8 seats, all of them including individual backseat settings and exclusive clima in the back part, built-in multilanguage GPS on a central screen and leather seats. The new Daperton Rent A Car's Mercedes V Class is available in two bodywork versions, Large and Extra-Large, covering passengers' comfort as well as luggage or personal belongings' transport.

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